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Why people prefer AppAdmin over PushTable

Below the details about all features


Dedicated (external) admin

You and your clients will want special dedicated area where they can just logn and manage the data.

No limitation on number of users

We change you for the futures you use, not the number of users you will have.

Backend and frontend solution

With our solution, you can make fully functional panel for both administrators and frontend users.

Data for user

You can manage your own specific data, dedicated area for you.


In hous content managment

You will need to work on the same place you did the modeling.

Predefined interface

You are not able to customize the interface of the dashboard.

Only for admins

The CMS you get is only for your backed users. Some end users of yours will not be able to use it.

Same for all

What one users sees, is shared by all users. No dedicated area.