Managing our Firebase data, was a nightmare. And how we solved that.

Back in 2017, we started using Firebas Realtime Database for the mobile apps we were making for our clients. We where using ReactNative + Firebase and it was a perfect match for us.

We were making apps faster than ever. No SQL schemas, no DB servers to handle, we were just coding the app.

Firebase Realtime Database

And this was all ok until it gets too boring to clone, edit and publish the PHP admin panel. At the time, we had done like 20 different admin panels.

Then, an idea came out. Can we make general General PHP Firebase Admin panel that will be configurable and can be used for each our clients, instead of constant cloning, modifying, publishing?

And yes, after few months of development, we have the first general firebase admin panel that looks like a real admin panel and not a CRUD interface.

FireAdmin V1

And this admin panel saved us an enormous amount of work time. We were able to deliver the project faster, due to the simple fact that we where not making the admin panel.

And it was looking really nice. It was so configurable that it can have different menus organization, different types of fields. In one word, there was not a big difference from costume made admin panel.

But, there was something missing. Something that was not right. It was PHP.

And what we wanted, is to have something like a plugin for Firebase, that you plug into it and it works.

Firebase Hosting?!! Looked like a good idea. It is so easy to push a static site to it. Could we upload the PHP admin there? No 🙂

Solution? Recode from the ground up in React JS. We learned from the previous mistakes of the PHP admin panel and implemented best practices in the new React JS Fireadmin Firebase Admin panel.

Surprisingly, the development was really quick. Probably because we reused a lot of the logic from before.

It took us like 3 months to create the MVP, and another 3 to make extra needed things like the support for Firestore. Since it is developed in React, what you get is a static page. And we were able to deploy this solution directly in Firebase Hosting. Perfect!!!!

We achieved our goal. And we are so proud of it

  1. To be useful in every scenario
  2. Directly installable in Firebase

What is the roadmap of the project

  1. Make SaaS solution
  2. Add User Management
  3. Add Media Manager for Fire Storage
  4. Your ideas …

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