Manage Sketch Design from Admin Panel

As a programmer, I always try to optimize and automate things.
One day, saw my wife ( designer ) how she was copying sketch files. And how in the single file there were a lot of similar sections done with copy-paste.

Her job was to design infographics for mobile apps.

And here where the requirements

  • Header ( Info about the app + 5 screenshots )
  • Features ( 6 features per app – icon + short text )
  • Sections information ( Section Title + Description + 3 images )

And this should be don for 10 apps. Shop App, Night club app, Radio app, you get the idea. And for each app, she needed to provide different .sketch files

Soon as she did the first design, she copied the .sketch file for the second app.
This was so wrong in my idea. So I needed to find a way to fix this.

Found this plugin

Data Populator

It is a plugin that with provided JSON can modify the values of the design. Text Labels and Images. Great.

In 5 min I optimized the sketch design to be suitable for the DataPopulator.

I know the Firebase Realtime Database will be the perfect solution because I can get the data in .json format.

And with the help of my tool I can build a Content Management System ( CMS ) that will be the perfect manager of the Firebase Data needed for the Sketch Design.

I made the admin panel in no time. And created the initial Shop app.

The process video documented here.

The end design looks like this.

If you are interested in – A Headless CMS for Firebase Realtime Database and Firestore, you can create an admin panel for your data for any need.

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