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What is Firebase

Firebase is real-time database using cloud technology. That permits you to make application without server side coding and Rest APIs. …

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Firebase RTDB VS Firebase cloud DB

Firebase is a backend of your apps which includes many features like Realtime Database, cloud storage, user authentication, static hosting and …

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Firebase Vs Dynamo DB

Firebase: Firebase is an entire ecosystem used to build web and mobile apps. It is a more complete solution when …

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Firebase Vs Mongo DB

MongoDB and Firebase have their own benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to choosing any one of the two databases, it …

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What is NoSQL Database

NoSQL Database is a non-relational database that can store and retrieve data. To simplify, imagine NoSQL database as a tree. …

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Managing our Firebase data, was a nightmare. And how we solved that.

Back in 2017, we started using Firebas Realtime Database for the mobile apps we were making for our clients. We …

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