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What can do for you

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Speed up project development

Did you know that the process of making an Admin panel for any mobile app takes almost the same time as creating the app? Now you can create dmin panel faster than ever!

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Flexible content types

We can handle any existing or new Firebase or FireStore data structure. No mather what you do, or what your app does, we can handle it. Beatifull representation of your data!

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Front and Back end

With you can create admin panel where you (admin user) and your app users (regular users) can manage the data they should.

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Dynamic Navigation

Create Dynamic navigation, based on your current user. Using our magic menu builder you can create an admin panel that looks like you spend months working on it

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Push Notification

Send Push Notifications to your mobile app users via OneSignal, Firebase Push and Sending push from admin panel has never been easier.

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Media Manager

Use our media manager to upload, get link to, and organize your media in FireStorage. You can upload any file type or file size you can think of.

Create your headless CMS
in matter of hours

Power up your next Mobile App, Webiste or any other software application.

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CMS Only

Content Managment System where you can mangage your project data.

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Mobile App Admin Panel

Extended Content Managment system with modules for mobile app. Push Notifications and Users Managment.

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User Front end

Give your end user the possibility to manage their data.



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“If you use Firebase, this is the app to purchase. Managing becomes so easy. I can see Google buying this app for themselves”

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AppAdmin Mobile App Admin

“I like this product. If you use Firebase, you should use for sure”


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